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best all around vehicle

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The G500 comes from the factory with everything we would like in an overland car, including excellent payload, locking differentials, solid axles, simple exterior traces and even a rain gutter. Just know stepping into that these automobiles aren’t even on the ‘worth’ scale, are expensive to buy and costly to maintain, service and repair.

The 18 Best Street Trip Vehicles

best all around vehicle

The G-Wagen is a rare breed, and for individuals who have driven them, they hardly ever will drive anything. Yes, they’re that good, however their obscurity can also be their only downfall, as elements can be tough or impossible to find whereas traveling and they can be somewhat temperamental.

The one reality of this list is that just about everyone who reads it’s going to disagree with me. That is honest enough and definitely understandable as all of us have our personal bias, expectations, needs and style. What I can say is that I even have driven and examined all of these vehicles and have actually owned most of them. Many of the automobiles on the record I even have driven on multiple continents and in a vast array of circumstances. I also picked these vehicles … Read More