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Construction of the second plant was completed in late 2018, and operations commenced in January 2019 with the debut of the revised third technology Vios. Inokom was established in 1992 as certainly one of two national industrial car companies. In its early years of enterprise, Inokom produced rebadged Renault and Hyundai industrial vehicles solely. The Permas is based on the primary technology Renault Traffic and was produced in numerous configurations at Inokom’s new plant in Kulim, Kedah.

In late 1926, a General Motors delegation approached the Dutch administration in Java. GM was granted permission to arrange an assembly plant close to Batavia, and in February 1927, N.V. The all-new GM Java plant, the colony’s first vehicle assembly plant, commenced manufacturing in May 1927. GM Java exported its produce all through the Dutch East Indies, British Malaya, French Indochina and Siam. In April 1941, Ford Malaya moved operations to their all-new meeting plant in Bukit Timah, Singapore. The 1941 Ford Malaya manufacturing unit became the first fully-fledged car assembly plant in Southeast Asia.

However, World War II broke out in Malaya just two months later, and Singapore fell to the invading Japanese Army in February 1942. The Ford … Read More